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Company mission: scientific development of the national industry, there are plans to take the road of common prosperity, society of taking, and social use.

Three style: serious, fast, commitment to stick

Two firm: unswervingly pursue the company's profit maximization, and unswervingly improve employee income.

A rule: never excuse

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Tel:David Xu 0086 393 8950265
Mp:+86 13323937582
Email:[email protected]
Address:No.46,West Shengli Road,Puyang,Henan,China 457000
Tel: Address:No.46,West Shengli Road,Puyang,Henan,China 457000 You are the visitor
fax:0086 393 4436988 David Xu 0086 393 8950265 Email:[email protected] Icp:YU13021946
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